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I can't handle the level of whining in this. They turned a genuinely cool thing into whiny pretentious bullshit.


Jesus. Bloody fuck, it’s the same damn whiny argument every time:

“I think that anything that can help reduce sexual violence from happening is, in some ways, a really good thing,” Tracey Vitchers, the board chair for Students Active For Ending Rape(SAFER), told ThinkProgress. “But I think we need to think critically about why we keep placing the responsibility for preventing sexual assault on young women.”

I don’t know why people haven’t caught on yet, but the fastest, safest, and most effective way of preventing crime is to stop it at the fucking source. 

Not whine about “Oh, well I shouldn’t haaave to lock my doors, robbers just shouldn’t rob me!”

No, you fucking idiots. The most effective tool against rape is preventing it in the first fucking place.

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